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Eco Green Catering

The ECO option: Greener Catering Program

The touring industry is a vast consumer of non re-useable, non-biodegradable products. The transient nature of the industry often gives the impression that this is excusable to ensure the fluid completion of tasks on the strict time line a road crew must follow.

Catering has long been a part of this “Waste is alright for Speed & Convenience” scenario.

For instance, for each person catered to on a daily basis the following disposable products can be used and wasted:

8 solo drinking cups (oil based and often not bio degradable, usually not recycled)
3 plastic or paper plates
2 plastic bowls
4 aluminum cans
8 plastic water bottles
5 plastic knives, forks or spoons
12 paper napkins
1 to-go container
3 glass bottles
3 plastic bags for groceries

Every 10 people produce one large trash bag of disposable trash per show. This means 50 crew members over 80 shows will produce over a Semi trailer full of trash we could have recycled.

This is a small part of the big equation but it certainly adds up.

On top of this, most food products are thrown straight in the garbage at the end of a show (with the “disposables” listed above).

LATITUDE 45 CATERING is proud to offer the “Greener Catering Program”
to those who wish to make a difference.

Your tour can and will eliminate much of this waste from your tour’s daily routine, thus doing a small part towards slowing the steady destruction of our planet.

How it works …….

  • Our company provides china and flatware for all meals, china cups for hot drinks and re-usable plastic tumblers for all cold drinks.
  • Disposables will only be available upon request. For crew members we provide reusable plastics and ask that they are returned for washing.
  • Instead of the ever present 500ml disposable water bottles, each member of the tour will be provided with re-useable personal drink containers.** Drinking water will come from water coolers (we will advance delivery of 5 gallon bottles with each venue and carry the dispensers with our gear).
  • Buses will be stocked with crockery, silverware, cups and tumblers. These will be brought into the venue each day to be washed and then returned with the daily bus stock.
  • Paper napkins are replaced by cloth alternatives (more trees, more oxygen…less trash).
  • We use “eco” friendly, biodegradable soaps for laundry & dish washing.
  • Instead of plastic shopping bags for groceries we use recycled Banana boxes to carry our shopping. These boxes are re-used in a variety of ways.
  • We ask for all waste water to be disposed of in the eco-friendly fashion as a part of our venue advance.
  • As part of our standard Eco advance, promoters are asked to source and have available recycling options for their area.
  • Extra food, wherever possible, will be picked up and distributed to the needy through charities like “Rock and Wrap it Up.”

Wherever we can, with the help of your tour, we will help make a difference.