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Our newest model for providing high quality and convenient tour catering is our self-contained option.  This model is ideal for a production that doesn’t have a lot of spare bus or truck space to consider carrying catering as an option.

For the catering team, Latitude 45 will coordinate the use of a Bandwagon (and driver), which provides a sleeping capacity of eight, plus an additional bunk for a driver.  A trailer would also be coordinated which would contain the majority of the catering gear and can be pulled by the Bandwagon.  Catering can leave as soon as their load out is complete in order to arrive at the next venue early enough to get things organized in a timely manner.

Benefits to Production include:

  • Breakfast can now be ready by the time Production loads in each morning
  • Minimal impact on Production bus and truck space

Contact Chris Mitchell for more information and to discuss how this can benefit your production.

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